Irresistible Opt-Ins, List Building and Conversion Strategies For Podcasters

We are happy and honored to once again be invited to present at the PodFest Masterclass Summit — happening the same week as “International Podcast Day”. Simply stated, Podfest Master Class is an extension of Podfest Multimedia Expo, one of the longest running and tightest-knit communities of podcasters in the world! There are many fantastic sessions. It is not too late to get your super affordable tickets!October 1st at 1:00pm ET — Irresistible Opt-Ins, List Building and Conversion Strategies For PodcastersMy session is October 1st at 1:00pm ET. We will cover how to design the best Opt-Ins and Lead Magnets to quickly get people on your email list! Here are some details:It's A Changing Podcast “Subscriber” LandscapeDo Email Lists Even Matter?Podcasting “Funnel Design” ConceptsDesign Thinking For Your PodcastCreating An Irresistible Opt-InWhat Makes An Opt-In Compelling?Knowing Your Audience and Designing For Funnel StagesWhat Are Some Opt-In Concepts and Types?Some Tips For Star…

Podcasting Insights from Westwood One's Fall 2020 Study

Westwood One’s Fourth Annual Fall 2020 Study offers new podcasting insights and food for thought on the podcasting industry, listeners and podcast content creators. Westwood One is America’s largest audio network. Their reports evaluate several studies that examine podcast audience and advertiser trends over the past five years.As a former app developer and current podcast production and marketing agency owner, I am easily fascinated by trends and changes in content consumption behaviors. So what follows are merely some of the highlights that stood out for me, personally. Podcasting Insights Study — Table Of ContentsThe Rise of Women In PodcastingApple’s Dominance in Podcasting Is FadingThe Arrival of Additional Innovative Podcasting PlatformsYouTube Is The Preferred Podcast Entertainment PlatformPodcasts Used To Be For Geeks: In Other Words, Mostly MenBut no more. One of the most encouraging podcasting insights for me is the fact that women are rapidly entering the space. And this is …

Using Podcasts as Part of a Career Change

Most people grow up with the belief that they have to decide what to do for the rest of their lives just out of high school or in their early 20s. But lifelong careers are a thing of the past; more people each year decide to switch to careers that make them happier. Career change can be a positive and inspiring experience. It is only reasonable—people change and sometimes the job they thought they liked doesn’t work anymore for the type of life they want to have. However, many people have doubts and fears when making a career change. They are leaving the security of their current job, and starting from zero in a new career, probably losing years of experience they had in the previous position.For all these reasons and more, people should start listening to career podcasts. Podcasts also help make people feel like they aren’t alone in their choices. Besides, they advise on how to do a career change and how to decide which path to take. Basically, people will have a career coach easily …

Be Part of Our Attempt to Make Podcasting History

Make podcasting history with us - a virtual summit for a community of caring voices. And, in the time of COVID, how beautiful! We would love for you to be part of this historical, epic event where we attempt the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for:Largest Attendance for a Virtual Podcasting Conference in One Week!We are super excited to collaborate with people from all over the world who are committed to and energized by our craft of podcasting. What an exciting opportunity to be a participant in making podcasting history.Click here to learn more and secure your ticketPolymash is honored to be both Sponsor and Presenter We are honored to serve as both a sponsor of this significant event and a speaker. The talk we will be presenting is on Friday August 14th, at 12:30PM ET. “How to Design Podcast Interviews for SEO Success - Using 2020 Google Algorithm InsightsWhat you will learn:The latest Google Algorithm updates and how they benefit podcastersHow to design podcast interviews for s…

Podcast Player Optimization And Understanding In-App Search

This week on SEO Saturdays Live we explored Podcast Player Optimization and In-Player Search. We normally focus on Podcast SEO for website traffic. But this week we were fortunate that Jalal Fathi joined us as a co-host in addition to our regular guests.Jalal is the founder of PodKite, which many of you will already know about as one of the best tools out there for unified chart rankings across all of the major platforms. But PodKite recently released a whole new set of optimization tools for podcasters, and Jalal with demo these and help us learn about "In Player Search". SEO Saturdays Recap Video Table Of Contents00:00 Welcome
01:57 Support A Racial Justice Cause: #DUBBAMPLIFY
04:50 Introducing PodKite
05:00 SEO Saturdays Intro & Agenda & Case Studies
11:16 Introducing PodKite (Some Audio Issues FIXED after about minute)
14:45 PodKite Live Demo
43:00 SEO Work For Blake Bennet - The Limey and The Yank Podcast
1:18:40 SEO …

SEO Saturdays Recap - Inspirational Sermon’s Podcast Launch Strategy

This week our special guest was Rev. Dr. Bob LeFavi who just launched his new podcast "Inspirational Sermons - Insights From The Best Preachers In America". It jumped straight into the Top10 for his category, and we talked about his launch strategy, as well as the Podcast SEO principles his new website is based on. We also covered a number of questions from our Facebook Podcast Marketing Group, on subjects that ranged from content syndication best practices, avoiding duplicate content penalties to how content briefs and content grading tools we discussed before in our case studies can help grow a podcast. SEO Saturdays Table Of ContentsRecap: May 30 Livestream Replay VideoVideo Timestamps & ChaptersFeatured Podcasts and Shout OutsQ&A Segment from our Facebook Group Questions NOTE: We had technical difficulties with Ecamm Live and Skype not integrating and crashing our livestream several times, so this video stitches the 3 parts of our livestream back together, apolo…

How Can We Design Podcast Interviews For SEO Success? Livestream Recap [VIDEO]

In this episode of the SEO Saturdays show we focused on the impact of the latest Google Core update and what it means for podcasters. Our central question was this: How Might We Design Podcast Interviews For SEO Success?Join Us for free SEO Done For Your Podcast - Live!Design Podcast Interviews TOCRecap: May 16 Livestream Replay VideoHow Might We Design Podcast Interviews For SEO Success?A Shoutout To The Podcasts We FeaturedLivestream Time Stamps ReferenceWhat is Podcast SEO Saturdays?Special Program For Podcasters: 25% Off For “Topic” Content Grading ToolRecap: May 16 Livestream Replay VideoRemember, if you missed the LIVE stream, all of this is viewable on our You Tube channel. How Might We Design Podcast Interviews For Seo Success?That was the central question we inquired into was around whether it is feasible to use SEO based preparation and research to create better and more in-depth podcast interviews. Content Briefs and Content Grading / Optimization Special Feature: Ryo Chiba…